Dangerous Waters

The crossing place used by Rhiannon and Geraint could be almost anywhere along the mainland coast fronting Anglesey.  Two castles guard the traditional places.  Even the place used by the Roman armies under the command of Paulinus to devastate the Druids in AD 60 can only be guessed at.

Some of the place names bear testimony to the bloody invasion - for example above the village of Llanidan are two fields still known as The Field of the Long Battle and the Field of Bitter Lamentation. There is also Plas Goch, (the Red Place); its name telling of the grief from that bitter event.

However this area has long been a special place for the burial of the dead as ancient cromlechs bear testimony to, and some of the place names may relate back to a time even older than that that of the Druids.

The tides and changing shorelines have made guesses difficult yet what has not changed is the treacherous nature of the currents that swirl through the Menai, and the quicksand that appears at low tides.  The beauty of the Menai on a lovely summers day can be entirely misleading.