Reading List
A Brief History of the Celts    Peter Berresford Ellis   Robinson
A Brief History of the Druids   Peter Berresford Ellis   Robinson
A History of Wales   John Davies   Penguin
A Pocket Guide - Celtic Wales   Miranda Green and Ray Howell
University of Wales Press
Anglesey A Guide to Ancient Monuments on the isle of Anglesey
M. J. Yates and David Longley    CADW
Britain BC- Life in Britain and Ireland before the Romans   Francis Pryor
Harper Collins
Bryngaer Pen Dinas Hill -fort - A Pre-historic Fortress at Aberystwyth
David Browne & Toby Driver   Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales
Celtic Britain   Homer Sykes   Country Series
Celtic Magic   D. J. Conway   Llewellyn Worldwide
Celtic Myths and Legends   Charles Squire   Lomond Books
Chronicles of the Celts   Iain Zaczek   Collins & Brown
Mysterious Britain   Janet and Colin Bord   Paladin
Picts   Anna Ritchie   Historic Scotland
Sacred Journeys Paths for the New Pilgrim   Jennifer Westwood
Gaia Books Limited
The Celtic Empire   Peter Berresford Ellis   Robinson
The Celtic Rituals A Guide to ancient Celtic Spirituality
Alexi Kondratiev   Collins Press
The Celts   T. G. E. Powell   Thames and Hudson
The Celts - Uncovering the Mythic and Historical Origins of Western Culture
Jean Markale   Inner Traditions
The Mabinogion   Gwyn Jones and Thomas Jones (editors)
Everyman's Library
The Sea Kingdoms - the story of Celtic Britain and Ireland
Alistair Moffat   Harper Collins
Wales - the First Place   Jan Morris & Paul Wakefield
Island Books