The Physical Journey

It was a pleasure to make-up the journey of the two main characters in the book, and trace it out myself across Wales.  With hind-sight, perhaps I should have ventured a little more into west Wales, but below is the journey that I made

The hill-fort at Pen-y-Crug and in particular the stone circle at Cerrig-y-Pigwyn can only be reached on foot.  The latter is in particluar hard to find and hard to access, the stones being quite small and easily lost in the tall grasses that surround the site.

In this day of Google maps no attempt has been made to provide detailed directions, all of which should be easily obtained from the web.  However, a map of the journey can be found here, together with a list of Tourist Information Centres who can provide directions and accommodation if required.

If you choose to make a physical visit to the places described, you will be well rewarded by their beauty and their history.  However, be warned.  Although some of the places can be easily visited by car, in a few cases the roads that you will follow are narrow and difficult enough to warrant stopping places to let on-coming vehicles pass.

Should you follow even parts of the journey, you will discover hill-forts and stone-circles, and be taken to places with a history that sometimes pre-dates history itself.  You will travel to lakes and water-falls where people long forgotten worshipped and lived, sometimes the route runs through busy villages and towns, and sometimes via places of tranquillity and beauty still able to steal the breath with their beauty.