The Hill Fort

CaerCoch is the name given in the book to the hill fort known as Pen y Crug.   It is an impressive and large site, occupying the summit of a prominent and steep hill. It is one of a number of hill forts in the Brecon area.  The Romans also recognised the importance of Brecon and their fort of Brecon Gaer was at the centre of a hub of roads.

The position of Pen-y-Crug means it would have been naturally difficult for an enemy to penetrate but strong defences were added anyway. A series of ramparts surround the summit of the hill, the innermost standing over 4m in height. A simple entrance lies on the south-east. The defenses were built by throwing material down the steep slope so forming a quarry ditch inside the inner bank and a counterscarp bank outside the outer ditch.

As the pictures show, it commanded prominent views, and would also have been visible from a long way off, demonstrating clearly the power and pretige of its inhabitants. Although those days have long vanished, the strength it commanded some two thousand years ago can still be felt.