The Building of a Fort

In the story Melcha, Geraint's teacher, talks of his work in designing the hill fort at Aberystwth called Bryngaer Pen Dinas.  This hill fort crowns the twin summits of the large hill between the mouths of the rivers Ystwyth and Rheidol.

The history of the fort is ancient, (see the book on the hill-fort referred to in the reading list), and it is clear that it was enlarged and modified many times in its three hundred year history. 

There is evidence that some of the people who helped to design the fortifications in its later history were professional designers who went from fort to fort.  (There is also evidence that some of the work was completed to a poor standard, which is Melcha's complaint in the book.) The similarity between hill-forts across a wide area supports this contention.

Melcha in the story is one such iterant professional designer, although as he says, and as history proves, even the best Celtic hill-fort crumbled beneath the sophisticated siege weapons and tactic of Rome.