to the web site that accompanies the Wisdom of Rhiannon series. The two books cover the adventures of the Druidess Rhiannon and her companion Geraint during the two invasions by Julius Caesar.
 The original book, The Wisdom of Rhiannon - The Prophecy Unfolds, has been extensively revised and enlarged. It is now accompanied by a second book, The Wisdom of Rhiannon - the Prophecy Fulfilled which concludes the story.

Both books draw on actual places inhabited by the Celts, (Book 1 especially with its journey across the ancient sites still to be found in modern day Wales). Importantly they also draw on traditional oral and written Welsh and Irish sources for material. As an example, the Welsh historian, Geoffrey of Monmouth speaks of the Celts defeating Caesar invasions, contradicting his own version of events.

The journey described in Book 1 can be followed today, and includes visits to hill forts, gold mines, standing stones, lakes and sacred sites. All places are as historically accurate as a work of fiction allows. Background historical information about the Celts, Druids, Hill-forts, and so on can be found through the links shown.  An extensive reading list provides great help in understanding the context of the story.

More information about the story is here.