to the web site that accompanies the Wisdom of Rhiannon series. The original book, The Wisdom of Rhiannon - the Prophecy has been extensively revised and enlarged. It is now accompanied by a second book, The Wisdom of Rhiannon - the Prophecy Fulfilled which concludes the story.

Both books draw on actual places inhabited by the Celts, (Book 1 especially with its journey across the ancient sites still to be found in modern day Wales). Importantly they also draw on traditional oral and written Welsh and Irish sources for material. For example, the historian, Godfrey of Monmouth speaks of the Celts defeating Caesar, evidenced by his retreat(s).

This web site contains information and further links to some basic background to the Celts and the Druids, as well as to the places visited.

The time is 54 BCE. The place is pre-Roman Britain, Keltica as its peoples call it. Julius Caesar has conquered Gaul. Next will be Keltica. There he knows the tribal leaders are disunited, quarrelsome, and he believes, can be easily defeated one by one, the strategy that was so successful in Gaul. But he knows too of the Cauldron of Wisdom. It is the one symbol that could unite all of the tribes together under a single Leader, and Caesar lays his plans to ensure that this does not happen

Book 1, The Wisdom of Rhiannon - The Prophecy Unfolds, tells of a long foretold prophecy concerning Rhiannon, and speaks of the tragedy she has brought to her family, and of her role of bringing wisdom to the high. So it appears that it is for Rhiannon, now a Druidess, to convey the Cauldron on a perilous journey to where it will be used in the choosing of the High King. She must endure deceit, treachery and many other dangers in the journey.  She is aided by Geraint, the Awakening Man, whose coming was also prophesied, and together they set out on a journey that takes them across the land now known as Wales.

Book 2, The Wisdom of Rhiannon - The Prophecy Fulfilled, tells of Rhiannon's mystical journey to prepare herself to become the servant of the Cauldron, the One who will choose the High King. But it is too late, for Caesar seizes his chance, and invades before Keltica can find its leader. But all is not lost, for he is opposed by what we now call a guerrilla war. And between storm and fire, attacks on his troops as they forage for supplies, hope rises. The story concludes at the - even then - ancient stone and wood circles of Stonehenge and Avebury.

More information about the story is here. A printed version of The Wisdom of Rhiannon series are also available.

The journey described in Book 1 can be followed today, and includes visits to hill forts, gold mines, standing stones, lakes and sacred sites. All places are as historically accurate as a work of fiction allows. Background historical information about the Celts, Druids, Hill-forts, and so on can be found through the links shown.  An extensive reading list provided great help in understanding the context of the story.

Llewellyn ap Dafydd the author hopes you enjoy the book if you venture that far, and otherwise find the web site and its links of interest.